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Meet the Owners

Jonathan and Michelle Cortez founded Edge Crew on the core values of quality and customer service. Edge Crew takes care of every aspect of the building process from concept to design and through to completion. Jonathan studied Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington and, prior to founding Edge Crew, began his career in commercial construction in various positions including project estimating and project management. Construction has always been a passion for Jonathan, who credits much of his knowledge and experience to his family. He is a third-generation builder and is proud to continue a family trade that dates back to 1960.

At Edge Crew Construction, the foundation of the company is built on 5 pillars that guide our team in every decision and project.


Edge Crew founder, Jonathan Cortez, is a third-generation Texas builder. Before founding Edge Crew, Jonathan had a 14-year career in commercial construction as Chief Estimating and Lead Project Manager on a variety of commercial construction projects. Drawing support and service from superintendents and subcontractors with a long history in commercial construction, Edge Crew brings experience that matters to your build.


From projects in banking and healthcare to urban redevelopment, Edge Crew has experience with complex, highly-regulated industries. A foundation in architecture and design, combined with technical & industry knowledge lend to a more proactive approach that help to save time and money.


From start the finish on any project, the focus for Edge Crew is to deliver a quality outcome that the team is proud to have their name on. Quality will not be sacrificed for time or money and our team will be transparent and communicative about anything in the plans that might risk quality. A pursuit of perfection is a lifetime journey and the goal is to simply deliver the best.


At Edge Crew, the team is committed to customer service. The goal is to relieve any worry or stress that can be associated with a construction project with consistent updates and reliability. Communication is key for any successful partnership. Collaboration with customers and subcontractors is the key to excellent results.


The team only works with the most highly skilled subcontractors that have a proven track record for quality and safety. Our team is dedicated to getting it right every time, and can always be relied upon to deliver transparent updates and on-time results throughout your project.